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SPRING SPECIAL: Air Conditioning Recharge From £65
SPRING SPECIAL: Air Conditioning Recharge From £65

Car & Van Servicing

We service all makes and models of cars and vans up to 3500kg, including Diesel, Petrol, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.
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Vehicle Servicing

At Just The Ticket we offer a choice of three servicing packages but can also quote for a manufacturer specific service. Fill out the form below to get a quote for your Interim or Full Service today, or select a Basic Oil Service if your service is not yet due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to service my vehicle?

Servicing proactively maintains your vehicle which in turn reduces the on-going wear on major components and lowers the risk of a breakdown or failure.

How often should I service my vehicle?

As a general guide it is recommended that your car receives an annual service as a minimum.

Major Services should apply every 12,000 miles or 24 months - whichever comes sooner.

Minor / Interim Servicing can be used to fill in the gaps if you aren't covering the 12,000 miles.

Basic Oil Servicing maybe appropriate between annual services if you are clocking up a large amount of yearly milage. They can also be used to freshen up vehicles that are covering minimal mileage.

Your vehicles handbook will give you specific instructions and we're also happy to advise our recommended service level.

We also provide manufacturer servicing for all major makes and models of vehicle using official manufacturer service schedules to determine when your next service is due and the type of service required.

What's included in my service?

Please see the checklist below to see exactly how each service is made up.

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